Compass of Synchronicity - poem by Todd Fink - animation by Natalia Maca

This project was an amazing and inspiring collaboration with Todd Fink. Todd is an artist, speaker, host of the Kind Mind podcast and co-founder of The Giving Tree Band.
The brief was to animate the poem by Todd on how we can excuse ourselves from "the cult of busyness, the myth of urgency and the illusion of control", stepping away from the noise and connecting with nature. Since we are constantly bombarded with information and visuals every time we connect with media, I decided to take advantage of space and time to slow imagery down for this project. And allow the viewer to enjoy the poem and the music where illustrations support the context rather than overwhelm. We have become a fast-paced society which is always on the go. Sometimes we even forget who we truly are and remember that we can stop time and the world around us and immerse in nature, which always awaits you when you need this moment.

To learn more about Todd, please visit visit his website, Instagram or Twitter.
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